Maine resident scoops the entire $1.35 billion jackpot on Mega Millions

Although it was Friday the thirteenth, Alameda Mega Millions gamers thought it might be their fortunate day. The second-largest jackpot in the history of the game, the Mega Millions jackpot increased to $1.35 billion.

lottery mega million
lottery mega million

Those hopes were dashed later that evening when a single ticket holder in the state of Maine claimed the whole jackpot. Two people from California joined in the fun as well. According to lottery authorities, five out of the six numbers in the drawing were matched. Those ticket holders resided in Riverside and Burlingame.

Kevin Freud said”Everybody’s got a chance to take the big prize so why can’t it be me?”

Customers waited in line for their chance to become an instant billionaire at E-Z Liquors #2 on Lincoln Avenue.

Antonio, a man who departs nearby, remarked, “It’s too much money for one person.

As one of the fortunate retailers in the Bay Area, E-Z Liquors has likely sold at least one large winner in the past. Although there has been considerably less demand this time around than there typically is during large jackpot draws, said to manager Zee Dames.

“I’m not sure if it’s the weather or anything else. But some still want that $1 billion, “Dames remarked. “We favour people succeeding. They might provide us some advice or something.”

Six prizes have been won on Friday the 13th in the past, according to lottery officials. Four of those victories occurred in Michigan state. The biggest jackpot on this supposedly cursed day is this one.

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