In anticipation of Friday night's Mega Millions drawing, many Americans flocked to grocery stores and gas stations at the last minute.

to increase their chance of winning the $1.35 billion jackpot. While in Maine the grand prize was formerly won by a single ticket winner,

It looks possible that the system may eventually repeat itself, with additional huge drawings and last-minute panics.

However, Brandon Sansone believes that leaving in such a hurry serves no purpose. He can acquire everything related to the lottery except for phone searches.

Sansone uses the Jackpocket app often and has been given permission to order tickets for video games like Mega Millions and Powerball.

The native of New York City claims that the comfort factor is unbeatable, particularly when a sizable reward is at stake and he is eager to play.

The app has become his new good pal, he said. The app has become his new good pal, he said.

While lottery websites and apps are still relatively young and only make up a small portion of the $105.26 billion that Americans spend on lottery tickets each year, Sansone rarely finds himself alone.