United States citizen Jane Fonda was born in New York, New York.

Find out intriguing facts about Jane Fonda, including her age, height, and professions as an actress, writer, model, and producer.

Callsign: Jane the female gender 85 years of age (in 2023) Birthdate: December 21, 1937

Jane Seymour Fonda, in full Actress, writer, model, and producer United States of America Place of birth: New York, New York

School: American Academy of Dramatic Arts College: Tisch School of the Arts Jane Fonda Training

Actress, writer, model, and producer Tall Story (1960) was Jane Fonda's first movie.

$200 million USD approximately in net worth Jane Fonda Gross Value

Pasta and noodles are her favourites. Green is a colour I like. Favorites of Jane Fonda