Surprisingly many lottery winners never really use their winning ticket.

“Millions of dollars in California Lottery prize money go unclaimed each year — something I don’t think a lot of people realize,” Carolyn Becker, a deputy director of the California Lottery,

The purchaser of a record-breaking $2.04 billion Powerball ticket in California has yet to come forward.

November is the deadline for this recipient to claim their award.

The situation may surpass a lottery jackpot record that has stood for more than ten years if no one claims the winnings.

A $77 million Powerball ticket bought in Georgia in 2011 holds the record for the biggest unclaimed prize in US history.

Unclaimed lottery earnings, however, are a problem in other jurisdictions as well.

Lottery officials claim that every year, millions of dollars go overlooked across the country.

In Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington state, and other states, payouts totaling more than $1 million have gone unclaimed.