Jeremy Renner asserts that his "30+ Broken Bones" will "Mend" and "Grow Stronger" following his snowplow accident. Jeremy Renner is recuperating well and is optimistic about the future.

On Saturday morning, the 52-year-old actor shared a picture on Instagram of himself in what appeared to be physical therapy.

"Morning workouts and resolutions all changed this particular new year," Renner wrote in the caption of the post. 

On January 1, Renner was run over by an "extremely large piece of snow-removal equipment" he owns."

He was transported by air to a nearby medical facility. Sporned from a tragedy that affected my entire family and quickly turned into uniting love that could be used."

the accident occurred while he was helping his neighbors clear their driveways of snow after a significant snowfall in the area.

The actor made a new Instagram post following Renner's first return to his Nevada residence following his accident earlier this week.

Renner responded late on Monday night to a tweet about the show's second season premiere from the official Mayor of Kingstown account.