This past Friday night, a Mega Millions lottery ticket purchased in Maine was worth an astounding $1.348 billion.

While many lottery players hope to achieve financial independence and get away from their present situation.

The practise is being called out by a national authority, who claims that it is the "most disregarded big problem" in America.

“Through its advertising and marketing of lotteries, state governments have turned a nation of small earners — who could be small savers — into a nation of habitual gamblers,” Bernal told

He added, “If you could just cut that figure by 50%, there’s no other policy reform that comes in 1,000 miles of that to make a bigger difference in the lives of everyday Americans.”

According to Bernal   Americans will "lose more than $1 trillion in personal wealth to commercialised gambling" during the following eight years.

Bernal gave concrete illustrations of how lottery fraud targets people with lesser incomes.

The messages on scratch tickets that "deceitfully declare" that playing is "the fastest way to a million dollars" are concentrated in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, he noted.