It's not as easy as it seems to become an overnight billionaire, a lottery winner is here to inform you.

When Timothy Schultz, then just 21 years old, won the Powerball,

 it completely shattered some of his closest friendships:

Timothy won a staggering $29 million in the lottery in 1999.

 Although the euphoria is real for a while, it eventually wears off, but for the rest of your life, your world is "turned on its head."

According to him, winning the lottery is "one of the most potentially life-altering things that may happen," but it won't make everything better.

He added: "It was difficult to trust new people - that they didn’t want me for the wrong reasons. It felt like some people viewed me as walking, talking ATM machine."

Timothy operates a well-known YouTube channel where he interviews other lottery winners and talks about his own win decades after his win.