A lost Powerball ticket that was discovered at the bottom of his wife's purse earned a North Carolina man a $1 million reward.

According to Terry Peace, 65, of Waynesville, he purchased his $2 ticket for the Jan. 4

He gave his wife the ticket so she could check it along with some other lottery tickets, but she ended up forgetting about it for a week.

Peace answered, "My wife found it in her wallet." "I guess she just missed that one when she reached in to verify the tickets at first," she said.

The lost-and-found ticket won a $1 million reward after matching all five of the white balls in the drawing.

This has changed my life, he declared. How often does someone actually win a million dollars?

The victory, according to Peace, is thrilling but perhaps not all that unexpected.

I've always been fortunate, he remarked. I often said, "I know I have the luck to win," to everyone.

Peace stated that the funds will be used to fund the purchase of a new truck, increase his savings, and guarantee his grandchildren a bright future.