Slow, a movie about a relatively new kind of relationship, had its Sundance Film Festival premiere on Saturday. It is a touching love story.

It might inform viewers about asexuality and provide asexuals a sense of acceptance.

When Dovydas (Kestutis Cicenas) shows up to translate for her class of deaf students, dancer Elena (Greta Grineviciute) meets him.

A growing number of narrative media are beginning to depict asexuality, which is a legitimate way that people identify.

Even one of the characters in the Netflix cartoon comedy Bojack Horseman learned to be asexual.

Dovydas and Elena have a level of intimacy with one another that is uncommon in romantic comedies.

There isn't a staged first encounter like in a romantic comedy from Hollywood.

Instead, they take a stroll around campus together and get to know one another.