Few people have experienced the ancient adage "when it rains, it pours" as much as Tonda Dickerson has.

A lottery ticket was given to Dickerson as a tip by a customer while she was working as a server at a Waffle House.

She earned $10 million during one weekend. Then problems started to arise.

Tips in many establishments are combined. Coworkers of Dickerson sued because they believed they should have shared equally in her victory.

She initially lost but then won on appeal since she lived in Alabama and couldn't gamble there while winning the lotto in Florida.

The man who had issued her the ticket then filed a lawsuit against Dickerson.

He stated that if the waitress won, she would buy him a truck. That lawsuit was dropped. But the situation was far from over.

Before Dickerson won the jackpot, she had been divorced for two years.

Her former husband attempted to abduct her. She was successful in shooting him, and she later took him to a hospital.

Due of the amount they believed they were owed, the IRS also sued Dickerson in a case that they ultimately lost.