The greatest lottery prize ever awarded at the time was a $315 million Powerball jackpot won by Jack Whittaker in 2002.

He was detained several times for offences like assault and drunk driving.

His granddaughter's boyfriend, who had overdosed on drugs, was discovered dead in 2004.

Brandi, his granddaughter, was also discovered dead from a heroin overdose three months later.

Whittaker's commercial endeavours also failed, including a restaurant that closed and several disputes regarding building projects.

Due to Whittaker's fortune, criminals and con artists targeted him and stole millions of dollars from him.

Whittaker persisted in making substantial donations to charities and individuals in need while facing legal and personal challenges.

Even though Jack Whittaker's wife had recently found fortune, she also filed for divorce.

Whittaker has discussed his remorse and the detrimental effects of winning the lotto in public.

2020 saw his death from natural causes. The experience of Jack Whittaker serves as a warning about the risks associated with unexpected fortune.